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Vibration Monitoring Services in the Denver, Colorado Area

09 November 2017

Condition Monitoring Services is excited to announce we now offer…

September Special- Free training and Fluke Thermal Multimeter with purchase of an ALL-TEST Pro AT5 or ATPOl II Online System!

12 September 2017

  Free training and Fluke Thermal Multimeter with purchase of…

World Class Motor Diagnostic Workshop this August in L.A.

24 May 2017

Have you purchased an ALL-TEST Pro Motor Circuit tester or…


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"Condition Monitoring Services Inc. is one of CTC’s  leading distributors who have established one of the fastest growth rates in company history.  Their customer service has been exemplarily with their ability to  follow up and act upon the customers’ needs.  I have also noted the exceptional installation work of our products that meet any industry standard.  Finally, their team is enjoyable to work with."

                                                                                                                                                                            - Daniel Goodrich, U.S. Manager
                                                                                                                                                                                  Connection Technology Center

"Any company that wants to do preventive maintenance on electrical systems and rotating equipment needs this service...I highly recommend CMS, their help to our company has been immeasurable. I have worked with Kirk for years, he is top notch!!"

- John Collier, Electrical Foreman
Breitburn Energy
Santa Maria, California
CMS provides vibration analysis and infrared inspection services

"CMS is a great family run business. Together we have set up a good infrared scan and vibration analysis program. Their flexibility and responsiveness has been a great benefit to our company. They have gone out of their way to cater to our needs, both planned and unplanned."

- Sean P. O'Brien, Maintenance Planner
Kaiser Aluminum
Los Angeles, California
CMS utilizes vibration analysis and infrared scans on Kaiser's presses and ovens



"CMS has been a trusted partner in our business for years. We use CMS for all of our vibration analysis services and they have proven to be an excellent resource to us and our customers!"

-Bob Medlen
California Centrifugal Pump, Inc.
Los Angeles, California




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