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Compliance Related Services

cms_vanAgency Compliance is a critical component to all industrial applications, especially Air Quality Compliance requirements. This is why CMS maintains the ability to provide Portable Combustion Analyzer and Visual Emission compliance testing to meet third party emission testing. Many companies choose to use our combustion pre-test services to establish compliance prior to Source Testing, after major maintenance or during initial commissioning of new equipment. 

We provide testing for many EPA emissions rules and regulations, including SQACMD emission testing. See below for a list of some common rules we routinely test for.

CMS is unique in providing an integrated solution of compliance testing and reliability services.

If agency permitting requires on-site third party emissions testing, then why not incorporate vibration and infrared services on your rotating equipment for a fraction of what it would normally cost?

download_sample_reportFor instance:

When considering expense for compliance testing, there is little opportunity to realize a return on investment (ROI).

When adding additional services such as vibration analysis, the added cost is minimal and the potential to generate a positive return is great due to the added benefit of extending run time and eliminating lost production.

Call us or schedule an appointment today to discuss with a reliability professional how we can turn your compliance expenses into a net positive return and improve both compliance and reliability. 

Services we provide:

  • EMISSION CONTROL- Maintenance and Service
  • AGRICULTURE RELATED- Compliance Services
  • OIL FIELD RELATED- Compliance Services
  • SOURCE TEST- Pretesting
  • VISUAL EMISSION- Inspection and Compliance Services
  • STATIONARY and  PORTABLE ENGINE- Compliance and Source Test Pre-testing
  • GAS FIRED BURNER- Compliance Testing And Tune Up

Some applicable rules that we commonly provide emission inspection for:

Santa Barbara County APCD Rule 333
Portable Emission Analyzer Compliance.

Ventura County APCD Rule Rule 74.9
Portable Emission Analyzer Compliance.

South County (Los Angeles Basin), AQMD Rule 1110.2
Portable Emission Analyzer Compliance.

South County (Los Angeles Basin), AQMD Rule 1146 and 1146.1
Portable Emission Analyzer Compliance.

Our field technicians are available throughout the Western United States, including Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and California. Contact us today for a quote.


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