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Vibration Analysis Flex Plans

Our Vibration Analysis Flex Plans were created to support those with in-house programs who occasionally need to outsource the analysis portion of vibration monitoring. Although the data collection process can be relatively straightforward, the analysis is much more complex. Therefore in order to achieve best results, a seasoned analyst is needed to review the data and provide recommendations. This analyst will need to understand the machine’s unique anatomy in order to make the best recommendations because there are various thresholds of acceptance based on the machine’s application, criticality, and design.

Our analysts can also help start a vibration program by assisting with criticality assessment, database route creation, and training on proper data collection techniques.

Benefits of our Flex Plans:
  • Maintain an in-house program
  • We have several Level II and Level III Certified Analysts on staff to provide analysis or secondary opinions on problem machines
  • You are only charged for the amount of machines you send in, no high flat rates.
  • If no data is collected, there is no fee for that month.
  • Send in a minimum of 51 machines per month and receive a leased Adash 4900 Vibrio M Data Collector at no additional charge*
  • Send in a minimum of 76 machines per month and receive a leased Adash VA3 - 2 Channel Data Collector at no additional charge*
  • Send in a minimum of 101 machines per month and receive a leased Adash VA4 Pro - 4 Channel Data Collector at no additional charge*
*If no machines are sent in for analysis, minimum monthly lease charge will apply.

Flex Plan Packages          Contact Us for Pricing!
  • Single Report
  • Up to 10 Machines
  • Up to 25 Machines
  • Up to 50 Machines
  • Up to 75 Machines
  • Up to 100 Machines
  • Up to 150 Machines
  • Up to 200 Machines
  • Above 200 Machines

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