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Ultrasonic Inspection Services

Ultrasound technology is a great supplement to any existing condition monitoring program, but can also be effective on its own as a small scale predictive maintenance tool.

Popular uses of ultrasound include:
  • Monitoring bearings for early signs of wear and poor lubrication issues
  • Locating steam, air, and water leaks
  • Identifying pump cavitation
  • Locating MCC panel faults including arcing and corona

Monitoring bearings with ultrasound during the lubrication process helps ensure just the right of amount of grease is applied, as levels will drop off sharply once it has enough.  This helps prevent under and over lubrication. This is a great predictive maintenance tool as up to 70% of mechanical failures can be attributed to poor lubrication practices! ("Lubrication for Industry", Ken Bannister, Industrial Press, 1996)

The waveform graph below illustrates an ultrasound signal up until the point that lubrication becomes effective.

lubrication ultrasound


To learn more about initiating an ultrasonic program, contact a CMS representative today at 1-888-359-3277.

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