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Acceptance Testing

download_sample_reportAcceptance testing is a powerful tool to ensure new or rebuilt critical equipment meets customer’s standards. Too many times, newly commissioned equipment performs poorly and the customer finds themselves between various vendors all pointing the finger in the other direction. New or rebuilt equipment that is of poor quality or installed improperly can typically operate long enough to expire any warranty.

CMS provides acceptance testing utilizing vibration analysis, infrared inspection and oil analysis to provide third party consultation and documentation. This in turn empowers the end user with the knowledge that vendors have met their standards and equipment is operating as expected. Standards typically are set prior to commissioning repair or acquisition, but in absence of a written standard, industry standards are available that virtually all vendors must meet after the fact. Equipment found to be operating outside of these standards is usually subject to corrective action at the vendor’s expense when properly documented.

Our field analysts specialize in creating pump acceptance reports for Hydraulic Institute Standards. H.I.9.6.4 Rev. 2009 acceptance tests follow specific guidelines and enable end users to determine if their new units are free of mechanical defects and within the acceptable and preferred operating ranges. The graphic below illustrates the required H.I. data collection point locations by pump type.
hi datapoints


WITNESS TESTING and teardown inspections provide customers with a knowledgeable representative to document repairs were as billed, equipment ran in the shop as expected and the added ability to document root failure causes of equipment down time. As long as customers are willing to purchase a standard construction pump annually there is little incentive for the vendor to offer a better solution that would increase run times to several years.


Generally, acceptance tests consist of normal vibration data collected at various points specified by the manufacturer, end user, Hydraulic Institue, or a combination of the three. Bump testing, coast down, and phase data may also be collected, depending on the desired report detail.

We have at least two tiers or acceptance reports that enable customers to select the best fit for requirements, time contraints, and budget.

The Basic Acceptance Report is the most budget friendly choice and includes core information such as:
- Identifying equipment information and operating condition details
- Bearing temperatures
- Elevated resonant frequency responses at various operating conditions
- Vibration amplitudes results by data point and compared to required limits

This report has minimal graphical detail as the majority of the data is provided in tabular form.

Click here to view a sample basic report.

The Advanced Acceptance Report incorporates bump testing, coast down, and phase data in addition to the regular vibration testing. All findings are illustrated with graphs, including trends, FFTs, and waveforms.
This report is typically more common for testing mandated by a government facility with detailed specifications. All CMS reports are completely customizable to customer requirements.

Click here to view a sample advanced report.

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