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15 January 2018

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World Class Motor Diagnostic Workshop this Feb in Charlotte, NC

18 December 2017

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04 December 2017

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Oil & Gas

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Kirk Cormany, the CEO/President of CMS Inc. worked in the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry from 1982 until 2005 at which time he founded Condition Monitoring Services Inc. He has successfully set up predictive maintenance programs on over 15 offshore platforms and 25 onshore oil and gas processing facilities. CMS has over 35 years’ experience in the Oil & Gas Industry from operations, drilling, maintenance, instrument testing, and all reliability and compliance related applications.

Oil & Gas Reliability Based Maintenance Applications. Our AdashAmerica Online Monitoring Systems are a perfect for remote monitoring of offshore Solar and GE Turbine Generators and compatible with existing Allen Bradley and Bently Monitoring Systems, and can be used as an upgraded replacement of Bently System 7200, 3300, 3500 and System 1 Monitoring systems. You can use AdashAmerica's software for remote data analysis including FFT and Band Trends. The exclusive historian recorder will capture the waveform of an event when triggered, and then save for analysis at a later time.

Our certified on staff analysts provide remote analysis services of vibration data, and if needed technicians are then dispatched to the site for more advanced diagnostics.

Our subsidiary, West Coast Submersible provides submersible cooling water and firewater pump  and motor repair services by factory authorized shops in Phoenix, AZ, and Commerce CA. WCS also offers new product sales of submersible pumps and motors including Nickel Aluminum Bronze (NiAl-Bz C95800), Duplex (CD4MCU)and Super Duplex Stainless.

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