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24 May 2017

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27 April 2017

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Condition Monitoring Services Annouces Partnership with SMEC

25 April 2016

Condition Monitoring Services, Inc has recently partnered with SMEC to…

Plants & Refineries

Predictive Maintenance is critical to most refineries and processing plants. Typically the potential exposure to loss of production and safety related benefits outweigh the savings of mitigating repair costs. Our background in the offshore oil industry and experience in steel and aluminum mill applications makes us a perfect partner for all industrial applications.  

Our equipment and technicians are familiar and compliant with all OSHA, MSHA, ASAP, OCSA, HAZMAT, OCS safety requirements. We provide when needed equipment that is ATEX and Class I DIV II Compliant.

Our certified reliability analysts can discuss your specific needs and tailor a Predictive Maintenance Program with the correct balance of services and product.

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