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Vibration Analysis Services

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Vibration analysis is a proven technology used for identifying and preventing equipment defects. An effective vibration analysis program can protect the life of your machinery by identifying bearing and other defects prior to equipment failure, resulting in less downtime and increased plant productivity.

CMS has field technicians and Certified Level III Analyst on staff to implement an effective program that can be tailored to fit specific customer applications. Ask about our popular monthly service contract option that includes vibration, infrared, oil analysis, ultrasonic testing, laser alignment and field balancing services all for a reduced annual rate and free setup.

CMS is prepared to provide consultation and on-site support for various vibration analysis services including:

Rotating equipment diagnostics: This is a situation in which a perceived or known defect is present and facility maintenance personnel require additional resources to determine the best course of action. Various analytical tests are typically required to determine the root source of the vibration or reoccurring equipment failure. The ability to test and determine the presence of resonance, unbalance, poor lubrication, incorrect engineering applications and verify calibration of on-board monitoring equipment is required. Click here to read more on diagnosing equipment defects and case studies.

Routine Condition Monitoring: It is well documented that a predictive maintenance program which establishes equipment condition and allows for maintenance to be scheduled accordingly can save companies up to millions of dollars annually in maintenance costs and expensive unscheduled down time. Bearing vibration can be identified in early stages of failure when a monthly vibration program is in place. The key to success and the challenge is not the potential of savings or the ability of the program to provide good predictive data, but in the conversion of information into action. CMS is focused on providing comprehensive reports that are structured to allow front line personnel to quickly understand the results of the analysis and how best to utilize the information in the form of action. More detailed analytical reports are provided when needed to engineering and senior support staff to support report recommendations. Click here to read in details about Routine Condition Monitoring and see sample route reports.

Acceptance Testing: In critical equipment repairs and installations an acceptance test is typically required by the customer. This can be in the form of testing motors at the vendors shop or testing the unit as whole in place under normal loaded conditions. Many test requirements require a certified ANST Level lll Analyst to review the data and supervise the test procedure. Test standards can be set by the customer, API standard reference, , or Government standards such as Navy 009-104 specifications or Mean + One Std Deviation based on similar equipment statistical values. Our field analyst are able to provide Hydraulic Institute 9.6.4 Certified Acceptance testing.  Click Here to understand more and view CMS Third party acceptance test reporting.

Fluke analysis: For customers utilizing the Fluke 810 Vibration Meter, CMS offers vibration analysis services to supplement the Fluke's diagnostics. Simply send over the data you upload from the Fluke 810, and we will review and provide a summarized analysis report. Contact us for report pricing.

Click here to see a sample report with data taken with a Fluke 810.

We also provide ultrasound and seismograph technology to complete your monitoring program. If you are interested in purchasing or leasing a seismograph, check out the options we carry in the online store. Our field technicians can provide data collection and report generation or you can choose to keep the program solely in-house.

Have an existing Emerson Process Management CSI vibration program with Reliability Based Maintenance RBM software database? CMS has CSI trained analysts to review and manage your data base, provide remote analysis services, report generation and onsite field technicians for data collection on existing routes or new program start up.

Condition Monitoring Services, Inc. is your Southwestern United States partner for Predictive Maintenance ( Pdm ), Vibration Analysis Testing and Emission Compliance Service and products. Our core cities are Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Reno, Phoenix, and San Diego. If you wish to begin vibration analysis on your critical equipment, contact us today!

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