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09 November 2017

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12 September 2017

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World Class Motor Diagnostic Workshop this August in L.A.

24 May 2017

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In-place Balancing Services

CMS provides options for onsite in-place balancing services on turbines, generators, motors, crushers, and a variety of other equipment.
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In-place balancing of rotating equipment by using computerized and vector plot techniques allows for a reduction in overall vibration levels to extend equipment run time. Below is a chart of the effective reduction in bearing life extension when machines are balanced to various grades. Due to excessive vibration as a result of imbalance or a combination of various influences (such as imbalance, resonance and misalignment or run-out conditions), balancing and other corrective measures are required to establish an acceptable overall condition on the equipment.  For instance, once the excessive imbalance vibration is reduced to acceptable levels, dampening influences and resonant responses may amplify a residual imbalance that is best addressed with a focus on changing the unit’s natural frequency by installing bracing or dampening .



It is important to establish a target prior to starting the balancing process and to verify a balance condition exists. Some common balance criteria are referred to in manufacturer’s recommended balance criteria, ANSI S2.19-1989 / ISO 1940 balance grades, Machine average baseline + 1 sigma (standard deviation), MIL-STD 167, and API 610.
Following balance work, CMS provides a complete comprehensive report showing as found and as left conditions with additional recommendations, if needed, to further reduce vibration and extend equipment life.

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